Pope, et al. v. Cura Partners, Inc.

In the Circuit Court for the State of Oregon for Multnomah County
Case No. 20CV05932

If you are looking for the Williamson v. Curaleaf, Inc., settlement website, click HERE.


If you live in Oregon and are over the age of 21, and you purchased cannabis/THC product from the Select Elite, Select Pax and/or Select Dabbables product lines, including cartridges, disposable pens, or pods (the “Product Lines”), during the period between August 15, 2018 and November 22, 2019 (the “Purchase Period”), in Oregon, with proof of residency or proof of purchase in Oregon (the “Purchase Location”), and where the packaging did not include the existence of botanically derived terpenes and/or medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) as an ingredient in the Product Lines (the “Product Packaging”)

What is this Lawsuit About?

A proposed settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit against Cura Partners, Inc. The lawsuit claims that Cura failed to disclose that 186,000 mislabeled units of its products contained botanical terpenes. Cura stands by its products and denies it did anything wrong. The Court has not decided which side is right. Instead, the parties have decided to settle this case.

Am I part of this Class?

You are a class member if you are a consumer with an Oregon address who purchased one of the 186,000 units of allegedly mislabeled Select brand oil products subject to this putative class action during the period between August 15, 2018 and November 22, 2019. Details and other identifying information are included in the full Notice. To read the Notice, click here.

What Does the Settlement Provide?

As part of the settlement agreement, defendant will pay $500,000 to the class common fund. Payment to the class common fund shall be made no later than January 1, 2022. Each approved claim shall be paid $200, or less depending on how many claims are submitted. In addition to the $500,000 payment to the class common fund, defendant will be responsible for payment of the costs of class notice and class administration, the costs of mediation, and payment of any approved incentive awards to the representative plaintiffs. Class counsel will apply for an attorney fee of 25% of the common fund.

The complete Stipulation of Settlement is found here.


Submit A Claim Form by April 29, 2022.
This is the only way to get a payment. You can submit a valid and timely claim form online or by mail. If you fail to submit a claim, you will not receive a settlement payment.
Exclude Yourself From the Class by April 29, 2022.
Opt out of the lawsuit and the settlement. This is the only option that allows you to ever bring or join another lawsuit that raises the same legal claims against Cura released by this settlement.
Object by April 29, 2022.
Write to the Court about why you do not like the settlement, the amount of attorneys’ fees, or the payment to the Plaintiff.
Go to a Hearing
Speak in Court about the settlement. (If you object to any aspect of the settlement, you must submit a written objection by the Objection Deadline.) The Court will hold a hearing on May 11, 2022, at 9:00 AM PST.
Do Nothing
If you do not exclude yourself from the settlement, you will be bound by the Court’s decision. If the settlement is approved, you will have no right to sue later for the claims released by the settlement.